Advanced Outlook Repair completely repaired a 19GB Outlook 2007 .pst with multiple folders from over 15 years. It became corrupted after a hard shutdown, and would not open, even in safe mode. I heard about your tool from “chcw” on and from the repair percentages comparison table between tools on the I had made a copy of the .pst, and tried with no luck with the Microsoft scanpst.exe. 3rd party tools had helped years ago with Outlook Express conversion so I looked online. Advanced Outlook Repair was the only one getting affirmative positive reviews for complicated cases, and they showed examples of such, so I found a coupon and bought it. The first pass said the original file was held open by another source (even though rebooted). I next tried it against the copy, and within minutes (about 20%), my Outlook popped open – with complete up to date folders and emails. It scared me because I thought I had touched something and shut it. A few minutes later, that