I had to send a message to thanking your company for this great Datanumen Outlook repair product!

I was using another program to sync my outlook (Companion Link) and my phone and the program malfunctioned and wiped my newer data on my computer with the older data from my phone.   I didn’t have a backup of the outlook file and I was so frustrated to lose very important updates to notes. I spent pretty much all of a couple days thinking and figuring out a way to fix this through every method possible (previous versions, other recovery software, other online tips) and it seemed impossible, but luckily found the Datanumen product and was able to repair/recover the lost notes!  With being a small business and going through some of life’s difficult times I was extremely down, sad, angry when I thought my outlook data was overwritten by that error and frustrated with no way to get it back and was extremely pleased to find this Datanumen program and have it work to restore my data, it’s amazing and the software was intuitive and easy to use.  This is such a great company and just wanted to let everyone know they make a difference in peoples lives for the better!!!

Thank you so much again.