Hello guys

This message serves as a BIG THANK YOU for your brilliant Outlook repair tool. My customer had been experiencing multiple power outages which caused Outlook pst to become corrupt. Scanpst came up with error referring to disk problems. I googled this error and luckily stumbled upon your product. I installed and ran the tool which took over 2 hours to complete. The end result was a perfectly working Outlook which was much faster than before! My customer is over the moon as it is a business account relying heavily on email.

Thank you for a great product, I will definitely be recommending it to all my IT colleagues. For your information, the environment is as follows:

Desktop pc (older model IBM) with dual-core cpu, 4Gb ram, Windows 7 professional and Outlook 2007. PST is approx. 4.5Gb.

Please keep up the great work.

Kind regards