Dear Sirs,

I have purchased today your Advanced Outlook Express Repair – Congratulations, it worked marvellously!

Else than some little things, like the shimerring log during the recovering task, or, the devision of the contents of the Inbox dbx file into 2 files with the same period of time e-mails. Yes, I asked the software to create another file with recovered e-mails after recovering 2000 e-mails, but, I expected to get 2 succeeding files regarding the e-mail dates, and not the bizar phenomena of 2 folders with the same period of time e-mails!

But, as I mentioned before, these are small things, and above all, I am proud of the task your software performed, and definitely, am going to recommend it to friends.

I wish you a lot of success in developing & creating such programs !

Thanks a lot, Sincerely,