The Excel repair tool was able to extract all the text data from 2 corrupted Excel files which were open and being saved when I had a PC crash. However, the tool could not retrieve everything with all the formatting (bold, colours etc) lost along with around half the formulaes (mainly the complicated ones that linked sheets togther). Where there were possible problems, the tool cut an existing worksheet into extra sheets so you knew where to check for losses – a great idea. Overall a terrific result as the data was the hardest part to restore from the original source. One of the files was so badly mangled that it could not be copied, opened (or even deleted!) with any MS program! Overall the tool saved me around a weeks work. It took less than a day to get the files back to normal by repeating the formatting from a much older file version and spot check the data. Note for users, if the tool seems to have halted, have patience, it took nearly one hour to resolve the harder file before it started doing anythin