When using Microsoft Access to open a corrupted Access database file, you see the following error message (error 9505) first:

Microsoft Access has detected that this database is in an inconsistent state, and will attempt to recover the database. During this process, a backup copy of the database will be made and all recovered objects will be placed in a new database. Access will then open the new database. The names of objects that were not successfully recovered will be logged in the “Recovery Errors” table.

A sample screenshot looks like this:

You can click “OK” button to let Access repair the database. If Microsoft Office Access fails to repair the corrupted database, it will display the following error message (error 2317):

The database ‘xxx.mdb’ can’t be repaired or isn’t a Microsoft Access database file.

where xxx.mdb is the name of the corrupt Access database.

The screenshot looks like this:

which means Microsoft Access has tried its best but still cannot repair the file.

Precise Explanation:

This error means Access Jet engine can recognize the basic structures and important definitions of the MDB database successfully, but find some inconsistencies in the table definitions or table data.

Microsoft Access will try to repair the database and fix the inconsistencies. If the table definitions vital to whole database cannot be repaired, it will display the above mentioned “The database ‘xxx.mdb’ can’t be repaired or isn’t a Microsoft Access database file.” error and abort the open operation.

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Sample File:

Sample corrupt MDB file that will cause the error. mydb_5.mdb

The file repaired with DataNumen Access Repair: mydb_5_fixed.mdb